G2Racing can provide you with the set up support you need to be win races. It’s worked for us, and it can work for you too.

Stage One: If you’re new to Late Model racing and you need help with the fundamentals our entry-level package will provide you with a conventional setup that includes dynamic alignment on our DRP pull down rig. This means your ride heights, cross-weight, nose weigh, travels, bump steer, toe and ackerman will be right the first time you hit the track this year.

Stage Two: If you’re comfortable with setup fundamentals but you’re new to bump stops, we can help there too. We'll modify you conventional setup to accommodate bump stops using our gale force machine and DRP pull down rig. We'll establish the initial setup in our shop and then assist you trackside to ensure your travel, bump stop load, and camber curves are timed properly to provide optimal wheel loads.

Stage Three: Our ultimate level of service is our Teammate Program, whether it’s your car or ours, we’ll guarantee it has the same setup as our winning late models. All team cars will be maintained at our shop and will be transported by us to and from the track. This program will ensure you have a shot at winning every time you unload. Because of the nature of this program, it does require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Need help at the track? We can mount our RacePak data acquisition system on your race car and go with you to the track to gather data on travels, braking, steering input and throttle position. There is no doubt, we will help you get real results at the track.

For more information, you can contact us directly at tylerhughesmotorsports@msn.com