Overcoming Adversity, the theme as the team nears the mid-point of the season

As the team nears the mid-point of the Langley racing season, they find themselves six points out of third place. So far the season can best be described as a battle between a determined driver and crew and a heap of misfortune.

“We are fortunate to be doing as well as we are given we have had three DNFs due to a wreck and equipment failures, “ ~ Paul Green. “We are still in a learning phase as a team and each week we have been able to dial the car in more to Tyler’s liking, we’re getting really close to where we need to be.”

“The car was excellent in the second half of the first race, but took several laps before it would come in in the second race.” ~ Tyler Hughes.

“It’s possible some of what was plaguing us recently was a failing idler arm, which finally gave up in that second race and sent us into the 67 car. “ ~ Paul Green.

This weekend, the team will return to Langley Speedway to complete in the NAPA Auto Parts Night Twin 65s with their eyes set on gaining the spots needed to close in on the top three in points.