Challenging Times at Dominion Raceway

G2Racing is committed to competing at the highest possible level within the NASCAR rules. We respectfully disagree with Dominion Raceway’s decision regarding the weight of the car following the Late Model event on the 14th of May. The fuel allowance rule was a carry over from Old Dominion Speedway’s rules which was a 3/8 mile track with a rule that limited all carburetors to 500 cfm vs. Dominion Raceway which is a 4/10ths mile track that allows the use of a 650 cfm carburetor on crate engines. On Saturday night, after losing our engine in practice we leased a car with a crate engine using a 650 cfm carburetor to compete. We ran 5 scuff laps before qualifying, 2 qualifying laps, and 5 pre-race scuff laps and over 40 laps under caution (none of which were counted towards our allowance) for a total of 52 additional laps during the event each of which consumed fuel and lowered our overall weight.

We are encouraged to see that Dominion Raceway has elected to change their post race weight rule moving forward and we are optimistic regarding our prospect of winning many more races there in the future.